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Hire Experience

Looking to hire a TV installer in your area? We have tons of TV installers in your area to choose from. When searching to find a TV installer, we recommend these steps.

5 Important Steps:

  • Check online reviews from more than 1 website.
  • Look through companies social media.
  • Show proof of insurance before install.
  • Make sure they are licensed if the job requires it.
  • Experience

It’s hard to go wrong with EXPERIENCE and a company that’s qualified for your job.


If your looking for a TV installer that has experience installing TVs over stone fire places. Look through this website, social media and search engines for pictures of that type work being displayed by the company you want to hire. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

On our website you can conduct your own interview and get pricing from companies before you hire them. Once you gather the information you need. We recommend giving them a call. Lots of information come out of a telephone call. We recommend you to ask questions.

Different Types of Installation

Here’s where it gets tricky, different home audio/video and TV installations require different areas of expertise. That’s why we designed this website to try to help with this.

Extreme TV installs

Here’s an example of extreme. Client has what we call an old school masonry fireplace. In other words, a solid brick fireplace. They wanted the TV and sound bar mounted on the fireplace without seeing any wires. They called up the local big box company, they came out looked at job and said they couldn’t install the TV.

In the end after calling 3 home audio/video companies, they did get the TV installed by a custom installation company that had an electrician and builder that worked with them.

Some TV installs require relocating or adding electrical outlets. If so, the company you hire needs to be a licensed electrician.

Basic TV installs

There are some TV installs that do not require a licensed electrician. For example, a TV that’s being installed near an existing electrical outlet. In some cases, there are ways to install a TV without having to hire a licensed. Still being able to conceal all the AV wires.


Hire a company that suits the needs of your install. We you want to hire the right TV installer the 1st time. Good luck finding the installer that’s right for you!

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